April 12,2019 -

Protection of People with Disabilities in the MSAR

by: Nuno Sardinha da Mata and Carlos Maurício In the MSAR, people suffering from disability are protected under this Convention, in addition to several other legal provisions, of ...

February 25,2019 -

Macau abolishes Offshore Companies

by: Rita da Costa Andorinho Macau has recently decided to revoke the Decree-Law no. 58/99/M of October 18th, which established the legal regime applicable to Macau Offshore Compan...

December 04,2018 -

Cybersecurity draft law approved by Macau Legislative Assembly

by: Joana Coimbra de Almeida Based on principles of national security, safeguard of public interest and the protection of legitimate rights and interests, the draft law offers a l...

May 21,2018 -

Countdown to the new Personal Data Protection Regulation in Europe

by: João Gonçalves de Assunção The answer to this question is one you typically get from lawyers: it depends. But keep calm and ‘mou man tai’, for the statutory requirements are n...

May 11,2018 -

Mothers’ Days

By: Susana Batalha As stated in Article 54 and 55 of the Macau Labour Law, female employees in the private sector who have worked for the same employer for one year or more are en...

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