The Law N.o1/2015 on the regime of qualifications regarding the urban construction and urban planning

June 17,2015

The Law n.o1/2015 on the regime of qualifications regarding the urban construction and urban planning was published on the 5th of January and establishes the legal regime of accreditation and registry of the professional title of architects, landscape architects, engineers or planners and the registration and qualification regime for the project development, management and supervision activities, applicable on the urban construction and urban planning.

There ferred law is applicable to interventions under taken by private entities, provided that they were subject to licensing or prior communication, under the Decree N.o79/85/M of 21th of August, and to the interventions under taken by public services and organisms.

Additionally, under the referred law it is set up the Council for architecture, engineering and urbanism, which is a public administration body that aims to ensure the accreditation and registry of the architects, landscape architects, engineers and urban planners under the legal regime established by the approved Law.
Furthermore, it was established a trainee period for the accreditation and registration purpose.

The traineeship is accessible for the individuals that hold diplomas (bachelors, masters or doctoral studies) awarded in the following areas: (i) architecture; (2) landscaping architecture; (3) urban planning; (4) civil engineering; (5) fire safety engineering; (6) environmental engineering; (7) electro technical engineering; (8) electromechanical engineering; (9) mechanical engineering; (10) chemical engineering; (11) industrial engineering; (12) fuels engineering; (13) transport engineering and, entrepreneurs, corporate entities and individuals that might carry out project development, management and supervision of works’ activities.

Additionally, the referred diploma determines the scope and the main responsibilities of the accredited entities regarding the mentioned activities of development, management and supervision of works.

This Law enters in force on 1 July 2015.

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