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Probate, Estate & Family law

If you’re thinking ahead and making plans to protect your loved ones or dealing with a family disagreement, the first thing you can expect from a C&C lawyer is someone who listens. In an ideal world, family relationships would work effortlessly and in private. But unfortunately relationships are hard and not always conflict-free, so lawyers are often needed to liaise, arbitrate, advise, negotiate, and settle between parties, and sometimes fight in courts of law on behalf of heirs, legal guardians, spouses or children. We provide advisory and legal services in most family and succession law matters, including inheritance issues, wills and settling the estate of deceased persons; probate litigation; marriages, annulments, divorces and alimony; prenuptial and postnuptial agreements; paternity and custody issues; adoption of children; advising on the emancipation of minors; and civil and criminal actions for spousal and children abuse.

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