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Administrative & Public Law

Dealing with administrative issues can be stressful and time consuming. As business regulations increasingly become standardized by international conventions, it is of the utmost importance to have an updated knowledge of current and relevant local legislations and regulations. Macau, similarly to Hong Kong, has a Basic Law and encompasses the principle of “one country, two systems” of the PRC. However, Macau’s legal system has its roots in the Portuguese law and belongs to the civil law tradition of continental Europe, as opposed to the common law system of Hong Kong. Macau is therefore a hybrid jurisdiction of 500 years of Portuguese administration and Chinese culture and practices.

C&C’s experience in handling regulatory and administrative litigation goes back to the firm’s foundation more than twenty years ago. Some of our lawyers have worked as civil servants in the past, bringing to the firm not only a network of contacts but also valuable expertise that allows us to provide efficient legal advice to our clients.

Besides the daily support in filing petitions for issuance of licenses or other approvals that require governmental action, our assistance in regulatory enforcement has included all kinds of submissions, public tenders and compliance between our clients and the authorities. Whether approaching us as plaintiffs, defendants or third parties, our clients have been provided with the whole range of administrative and public law issues, including inquiries, court proceedings, judicial reviews, statutory appeals and others.

Services include general administrative and public law advice; advising and assisting with the application for government grants, concessions and licenses; providing legal compliance assistance and strategic advice, including import licensing, product registration, labelling requirements and multilevel marketing schemes; providing legal advice for highly-regulated sectors, such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, food and consumer products; data protection regulation; and public procurement.

Administrative & Public Law News and Media

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