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People are the bread and butter of your business. Acquiring the best talent for the job gives you the upper hand against your competitors, but you might be misplacing and misusing your human resources if you are not familiar with the legal framework that governs relationships between employers and employees.

Migration in Macau is extremely regulated, leaving no room for mistakes. Hiring non-resident workers is a painful process that requires authorization from the Human Resources Bureau. Work permits are granted on an individual basis, depending on market needs, the economic cycle and the growth trends of each sector. Legal rights, personal needs and cultural expectations of both your local and non-local employees are the key to secure and maintain high-quality workers.

C&C offers legal advice on all aspects of employment and labour, including advice on legal obligations of Macau employers and employees; migration, applying for working visas, temporary and permanent residency; executive mobility and hiring of skilled labour; drafting and reviewing employment contracts and staff handbooks; advising public authorities on employment issues; termination of contracts and layoffs; employment litigation; trade secret, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, and other restrictive covenants; pensions and benefits.

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May 08,2023 -

Residency in Macao under the new legal regime for attracting qualified professionals

In search of a solution to the lack of skilled labor, which is desperately needed to promote the diversification of the economy's development, Macao is preparing to innovate the In...